Top 5 Ways to Make Engaging Content and Reach Target Audience

Writing content is no longer a need of the hour but, writing impacting content is. There was a time when people barely knew about digital marketing arena. And today, almost everybody runs a blog. With so many people around the world creating an abundance of content, it has become tricky for businesses to pitch their ideas effectively. Content marketing is the most happening profession in Online Reputation Management industry. Now that it is clear, you know why your content couldn’t make it big in the industry despite being well-researched and structured.

Not many people, except for businesses, think of targeting a set audience or making an impact while publishing content online. Therefore, the Internet is flooding with a mass of irrelevant, redundant and repetitive content. Creating content that already exists in the market does not add value to the content industry, in fact degrades it. In order to justify your writing, you need to write something more intriguing or write about the same thing, but in a different light.

ORM agency in India says that a content should be written based on an objective and not because the world is writing about it. Following are some tips that improve the ratio of impact for your content.

Consider the Five Things to Create Striking Content
  1. Add Images: Images not only make your blog vibrant and colorful but make it SEO-friendly, memorable, shareable on social media, and describe your message at just a glimpse.
  2. Unique Quotient: Always maintain a unique quotient. Don’t serve your information / message, plain and simple – add something that benefits your readers tactfully and is unique from the content’s theme.
  3. Add Screenshot: Screenshots are proof that your content is authentic and before you suggest anything to your readers, you are performing it yourself. Gain trust by sharing screenshots.
  4. Free Downloads: Who doesn’t like free stuff? Provide apps, videos, media, or anything that is related to your blog’s theme and offer its free download link. When you give, you receive.
  5. Outbound Links: Content is a mixture of research and innovation. Don’t forget to provide outbound links in your content wherever necessary, even if it is at the cost of sending them on someone else’s blog.

A content piece should not only be engaging but also serve SEO purposes. Considering search engine optimization standards while structuring content is the key to ensure that it is not only engaging but also impacting the target audience.

Town Hall: The Latest Release by Facebook To Promote Civic Engagement

Popular social media platform Facebook is rolling out new features on a spree this season. Another addition to be made on the social networking website is of a feature called, Town Hall. Even though the option hasn’t officially launched worldwide yet, it will soon be introduced to all, to aid political communication take place with much clarity. The idea is to not just feed questionable news about a political topic but rather strike a direct conversation.

The release took place on Monday, with the site launching a feature that dedicatedly helps people connect with their local election contesting candidates. Once you enter your residential address, Facebook then enables ‘Town Hall’, letting you take a look at the representatives from your district. This way, you can connect with your favorite candidate by following up their pages, contacting them regarding a concern or feedback, sharing your point of view, suggesting reforms that you think should take place, and more.

Facebook Messenger will be used as a mediator for enabling you to contact your choice of local electoral representatives via message, call, or even email. So the next time you are not satisfied with their speech or have a complaint regarding the infrastructure in your area, you know where to login. 

The agenda of introducing a feature like Town Hall was to promote and elevate the level of civic engagement between the representatives and the locals. This way, everybody can share their point of views and get them heard without much ado. The feature is also said to be integrated with your FB News Feed area to show you posts that your local representatives must be sharing on their page or profile. Better yet, you can connect either by reacting to these posts or by commenting on them. Facebook is gradually taking over reality with its online social circle and activities, thus bringing the virtual space to life.

Facebook to Introduce Fact-Checking Alert Feature

A while back, Facebook was allegedly accused of sharing fake and misleading content pieces that apparently led to the election of President Donald Trump. To fight back the accusations, the social media platform introduced a ‘fact-checking alert’ feature. Reportedly, the feature will notify users when a link consisting of fake content is being shared. The alert displays a message, stating that the content has been ‘disputed by multiple, independent Fact-checkers’ you can either continue sharing or abort.

Facebook announced in December that it will develop a tool in partnership with independent fact-checking websites. This was planned in order to crack down broadcast of misleading information on the respective platform. Facebook users first noticed the tool when they tried sharing a story link that was falsely claiming hundreds of thousands Irish citizens being brought into the US as slaves.

Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder and CEO of Facebook, took to the social media platform and mentioned in one of his statements: “We (Facebook) are a new platform for public discussions. This means we are responsible for enabling people to have a meaningful conversation.”

Users of the popular social media still have the option to ‘Post Anyway’. But the ‘About Disputed Content’ button takes you to the links of websites like Snopes and Associated Press that have fact-checked the article. This helps readers to know the reason behind the content been deemed as false news.

Currently, the feature is available to a handful of users only. Facebook is yet to announce the day when it will finally roll out the feature for the masses.

How is Online Reputation Management ‘Repair’ Service different from ‘Monitor'

It takes years to build a reputation but seconds to destroy it. To be robbed of something that you struggled to earn over the years certainly doesn’t feel right. Since the world has gone digital, a brand or an individual’s reputation can be gained at the same place it is lost these days – the Internet. aReputation Asia’s leading Online Reputation Management (ORM) firm, repairs and maintains the reputation of individuals and enterprises. Here is a brief of how things work in ORM.

The one thing you need to know about online reputation is that you cannot fix it unless you know what damaged it. ORM is formed of various layers and though each one of this is equally important, Monitor and Repair work can get most of the job done. aReputation explains what sets apart its aTrack service from aRepute.

aTrack is a premier service that keeps an eye on what is being talked about the business in the cyberspace. Engagement activities carried out by users like remarks, forums, comments, and reviews are considered critical, as they can make or break reputation. aTrack service brings out a client’s favourable image amongst its target audience instead of it being buried under people’s opinions.

The continual monitoring of a brand and activities surrounding it helps ORM firms to track the ongoing activities and curb them before they are irreparably damaged. A range of highly advanced tools for analytics are used by aReputation in the process of monitoring engagement activities that occur online concerning their client(s). A number of techniques are then devised to fix the adverse impact that these activities are capable of making on the client.

aRepute is again a premier service that focuses on fixing the damages detected in the process of monitoring. When misleading searches result in damaging your brand’s reputation, aRepute service renders well-placed positives that are planned smartly to produce admirable results, yielding growth in business.

Highlighting the positives to push down the negatives written about a brand on cyberspace is what online reputation repair all about. The team believes that for a venture to succeed, it is important that a positive picture be portrayed for its spectators. Besides devising news that leaves behind a footprint for the readers to follow up with, it is equally important to revise what exists to keep the brand trending in a positive light.

People’s massive dependency on the Internet has resulted in making Online Reputation vulnerable of getting damaged by user feedbacks. aReputation offers dependable ORM services with guaranteed result-oriented output which makes it a preference among enterprises, to choose in times of need.

Facebook May Soon Start Using Mid-rolls to Tactfully Promote Ads In Videos

Pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll are methods of pushing ads in respective sections of a video and Facebook may soon be implementing one of it. The quest for new channels by Facebook for the purpose of advertising is instigating it to test mid-rolls ads. Mid-roll is meant to manage an advertisement in the middle of a video.

A video on Facebook will need to be of 90 seconds duration at least to feature a mid-roll ad in it. The ad will only appear in a video if the viewer stays long enough to watch it for at least 20 seconds. In comparison to YouTube ads, which caps at 30 seconds, the company is capping an ad length at exactly half its duration, i.e. 15 seconds. In addition, 55% of the generated revenue will belong to the publisher, which is similar to the split provided by YouTube.

The strategy of mid-roll is crucial for the company as it will delay the excessive ad load. Moreover, a maximum of the ads it shows are done without degrading user experience on the app or website. However, the CFO David Wehner has expressed this problem as a perpetrator of slow-down in the growth of ad revenue generation by the mid of 2017.

An increased flow of dollars from traditional to digital ads is noticeable, owing to the growing use of Smartphone, videos, and social spending changing the face of the US market. Marketers in the next five years or more will start embracing mobiles increasingly as it drives more spending on social, video, display as compared to the traditional media such as magazines and newspapers.

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ORM Companies Can End Brand Defamation Practices

Critical feedbacks matter as much as positive reviews do. Online platforms have made it easier for users to instantly share their experience with a product or service in the form of reviews. However, critical comments are productive, only as long as they come from genuine users. aReputation Complaints management team guarantees mitigation of any defamatory remarks that may be disgracing you or your brand online.

A bunch of brands could be providing services similar to yours, increasing challenges in maintaining your reputation online because of the tough competition.

The newest of gadgets are significantly affected by online reviews & complaints posted about different product ranges. Thousands of such reviews are posted online, nearly every second of the day. There is no way you could know how the bad reviews propagate, unless you read them yourself.

Just going through user feedback is enough to decide upon a product. Truly convenient, but how safe and dependable could these reviews be? Fake client reviews, feedbacks, and testimonials can easily be made to look like a genuine one. This is where aReputation Complaints service helps your brand up battle the falsities.

The practice of rivals destroying a brand’s online reputation has increased rapidly. In 2013, Samsung was fined heavily for hiring people to write delusively about its rival, HTC. The brand got caught in a legal entanglement for this act of defamation, and ended up paying $340,300 as fine, issued by Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission.

Consumers have largely become dependent on online platforms for evaluating a brand. Such activities are carried out either by posting false or defamatory reviews & complaints about a competitor brand or by hiring people to do so at a minimal price.

aReputation Complaints is a redressal service that not only rectifies online reputation for an individual or brand, but also monitors it to prevent any potential damage in future. We remain in regular practice of monitoring and taking care of your online reputation whether it is badly affected or is likely to be targeted.